About 3D

If you are alone in your office cranking out estimates then 3D may not be useful to you other than as a visualisation aid. But maybe -- just maybe -- if you're alone in your office cranking out estimates, it's simply because you haven't had the ability to use 3D before. Why would anyone miss what they have never had? Why, indeed?

PostFrame Manager was designed to implement 3D from the beginning. Sure, you can sell stuff using elevation drawings like they did in the 50's but the vision here is that you can use 3D not only as a sales tool, but use this interactively -- i.e. you're in your customer's home or office and s/he is watching you design their building -- to sell more buildings.

We also designed 3D to work as a tiny file set so that if you wanted to, you could email the files to your customer so that s/he could view these from his or her laptop, etc. (The customer doesn't need the entire system to see a building in 3D.) This way if there are changes the customer wants there's a way to get feedback.

The 3D ability is there. How you use it is up to you, but remember this: Pictures sell buildings!