About PostFrame Manager

As the name implies, PostFrame Manager (PFM) is a "software" tool used for estimating and preparing takeoffs for post-frame buildings. But that's just where the story begins!

If you are a post-frame contractor, a lumber dealer selling post-frame building materials, or an industry supplier, PostFrame Manager is a tool that will be a tremendous asset for your business.

How so?

Simply put, PostFrame Manager sells buildings! It is much more than an estimating tool. With it, you can draw virtually any building - from the most basic to structures with four wings, various roof styles, different elevations, interior walls, porches and eyebrows... you name it. Then take your customers on a 3D virtual tour of their "dream" building.

You will create construction drawings, bills of material, supplier purchase orders, myriad reports and a customer quote - complete with color photos of the resulting building. And you will do all of this in minutes, not hours.

Need to make changes to answer your customer's "what-if" questions? You won't start over - ever. You make changes with PostFrame Manager, AND demonstrate the cost for any change, instantly.

PFM is an individual builder driven system. It does NOT dictate how you build or trim out your buildings, or any other facet of your construction preferences - you tell it. PFM adapts to how you build. It will even figure your labor cost - as you do it - so you never underestimate the true cost of any building.

You control almost every facet of construction. If you want to build a structure using 8' OC trusses, you can, or you can opt for 6' OC with a simple menu choice. Or what if you can't obtain 14' or 18' lengths for wall girts? No problem. Open the menu with just one click and change what lengths are available. PFM will use what you allow and nothing else.

What's more? PFM outputs the stampable drawings you need to get a building permitted quickly. It's the most accurate software in the industry and you can rely on this to run the estimating end of your business.

How Does PostFrame Manager Work?

How you use PFM is pretty simple -- you draw a box representing a building perimeter -- it's easy to get it right. Click the building perimeter (the walls) and add windows and/or doors precisely where you want them. You can even move posts if you like, or add extra wings or porches. When you click within a building wing, a navigation menu guides you through making any changes you want, like to the defaults (and yes you get to set the defaults up yourself.) And what changes? EVERYTHING. Change the girt spacing, how trusses are managed or attached, how purlins are added. These are simple things to change. What this means is that PFM configures itself to your preferences, and you can easily modify what you need whenever you need to.

The fun part of interactivity is the full 3D that's added. Draw the box, click the wall, add windows and doors. Then see the structure in a full 360 degree environment you can walk around in. What this means is that you can have your customer sitting with you as you create their building, then take them on a visual tour showing them exactly what it's going to look like, directly engaging the customer.

Bottom line: This ain't your dad's way of how to engage customers, do quotes, and get more business.


To have interactivity, you have to have full control by definition. It's the ability to do one that allows the other. And remember, all of this control happens instantly, right as you click the building and get to the menu.


The ability to do interactivity and control means that PFM also has to be very very precise with how it calculates prices. And so it is.

How do you calculate labor? By the bay? Sq ft? In PFM if you prefer you can easily calculate by board counts, connections, by the foot, however you like. We have labor calculation in PFM because this is simple to do (the hard part was the interactivity, and everything else gets easier from there.)

And because PFM has all of this precision, producing stampable drawings comes natural to it. As do quotes, purchase orders, full analysis of where the costs are, you name it. It's there.

And we haven't even told you the cool part.

And the cool part is this: say you have created a complex building with 3 or 4 wings, wraparound porches, lots of openings, and so on. When you click "calculate price", this takes up to 4 seconds. You will have done a couple of billion calculations here, and you will have everything complete. That is: every board, every nail, every piece of trim, every cut. EVERYTHING. And labor. All accurate to a degree you can barely attain by hand in a few hours.

All in 4 seconds or less.

Fastest. System. Ever.