There are two options when it comes to PostFrame Manager pricing.

Option 1 - Basic Subscription

Basic Subscription pricing is based on usage, where usage is calculated as the number of building estimates done on an annual basis. PostFrame Manager calculates and stores this information for annual renewal knows.

This pricing means that virtually any business can put the power of PostFrame Manager to work, speeding estimating time, taking customers on a virtual 3D tour of their dream building, closing more business, and increasing profits. Even those running smaller businesses can leverage the power of PostFrame Manager and still keep the investment minimal.

With this choice, users modify data as desired, or use the "generic" product (every component category is included) and pricing information with which the system is populated. Video tutorials on every aspect of the system are included, as well as are written help files. However, "support packages" are available as detailed below.

Option 2 - Enterprise

The first thing to understand is that both versions are IDENTICAL with respect to system capabilities. And, both versions are for use on one computer only. If you need the program on multiple computers you must purchase multiple units. However, there are three (3) differences.

1. Unlike the subscription-based system, enterprise comes with unlimited usage. There is no cap on the number of estimates you can produce - ever.

2. The Enterprise option includes 50 hours of customized system setup. We'll not only brand the system with your company logo, address and such, as well as make any steel siding length adjustments, we'll do a complete customized system setup featuring your products and your pricing in every product category.

Finally, we'll conduct webinar sessions to answer specific questions or provide additional instruction that may be necessary. It's not likely as our video tutorials will provide the information you need and/or to train new employees.

Annual Subscription Fees apply in both options as detailed below.

Signing up for PostFrame Manager is a 2-Step process.

1. Choose the initial subscription price reflecting the number of building estimates you produce annually. Be honest as PostFrame Manager tracks this number. Clicking on the appropriate "Subscription Price" from the dropdown menu below will take you to PayPal where you will complete the transaction. Note: Call to purchase Enterprise Version - (800) 375-2547.

2. After completing payment, you will be automatically re-directed to a site where you will enter the information we need to activate your account. When you click "Submit" on that page, you will receive an email containing the PostFrame Manager link. That's all there is to it.

Annual Quote Qty
Initial Price
Annual Subscription
Under 50
Over 750
Enterprise Version $4,295
Note: Call to purchase Enterprise Version (800) 375-2547

PLEASE NOTE: If you pay via a PayPal guest account (one-time use) instead of an established PayPal account, PayPal is required to immediately provide you with a purchase receipt and you will not be automatically redirected back to the PostFrame Manager website. However, at the bottom of the PayPal receipt message is a link back to the BizPortz site from which you may complete your installer download. Please click on this link to complete your download.

Subscription Price

Support Pricing:

You will be able to get all of the instruction you need from the extensive list of video tutorials and HELP files that are included with the system. But if you're working on things that you don't quite understand, like updating your specific products and pricing, or you want one-on-one training, we offer help via phone and/or webinar.

Support Fees

System Requirements:
  • Microsoft Windows 98, 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10. Also compatible with Apple via virtual Windows.
  • Intel-compatible CPU P4 or greater. Minimum amount of RAM recommended by the operating system
  • 500 Mb or more of Hard-disk space available.
  • 24 Bit - 96dpi Video Card with a minimum of 64mb of RAM Memory.
  • Adobe Acrobat 7.0 or higher (Free download from
  • Color Printer